Examination and Desk Copies

For complete information about the publisher’s exam and desk copy policies, please visit the “For Educators” section of the UNC Press website.

Exam Copies

If you would like to consider Introduction to International and Global Studies for possible use in a course you are teaching, print exam copies are available for a 50% discount from UNC Press. Electronic exam copies are available to instructors for free. See the UNC Press Examination Copy Policy for policies and options.

Desk Copies

If you have adopted Introduction to International and Global Studies for a course you are teaching and have placed an order for 10 or more copies with your campus or local bookstore, you may receive a free desk copy. Your request should include:

  • name of the course
  • approximate enrollment
  • your office telephone number
  • your email address
  • name of the bookstore who handles your textbook requirements

Desk copy requests can be faxed to: 1-800-272-6817

or mailed to:
Longleaf Services
116 S. Boundary Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808

Or emailed (desk copy requests only) to: customerservice@longleafservices.org

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