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Werewolves of New France | Ep. 24 Dispatch 7: global trends on all seven continents

Here are some key sources on the loup-garou. I recommend Ransom and Doherty’s work even though I only discovered their articles after I’d recorded the podcast. Ransom’s work in particular has an outstanding literature review. Doherty’s work (which is in French) is interesting because it discusses how in Louisiana a loup-garou is often a dog or other animal. I’m also including a link here to an English language version of Honore Beaugrande’s la Chasse Galerie: https://beq.ebooksgratuits.com/english/Beaugrand-tales.pdf Doherty, Rachel. “Le Loup-Garou En Louisiane: De La Légende à La Littérature Contemporaine.” Rabaska: Revue D’ethnologie de l'Amérique Française 17 (2019): 69–84. https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/rabaska/1900-v1-n1-rabaska04985/1066008ar/abstract/. Dorson, Richard Mercer. Bloodstoppers & Bearwalkers: Folk Traditions of the Upper Peninsula. Harvard University Press, 1978. https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=pOrYOw6vR7AC. Joan Finnegan, Witches, Ghosts & Loups-Garous: Scary Tales from Canada's Ottawa Valley. Kingston, Canada: Quarry Press, 1994. Fowke, Edith. Folktales of French Canada. 151 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. Toronto: NC Press, 1982.  Fréchette, Louis Honoré. Christmas in French Canada,. Xv, 262 pages frontispiece, illustrations (including music) plates 21 cm. Toronto: George N. Morang & Company, 1899.  Gowett, Larry. “Le Loups-Garous Dans La Tradition Religieuse Québécoise,” Master's thesis. Universite du Quebec a Montreal, 1982. Harf-Lancner, Laurence. “La Métamorphose Illusoire : Des Théories Chrétiennes de La Métamorphose Aux Images Médiévales Du Loup-Garou.” Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales 40, no. 1 (February 1985): 208–26. https://doi.org/10.3406/ahess.1985.283152. Lecouteux, Claude. Fées, Sorcières et Loups-Garous au Moyen Âge. Editions Imago, 2012.  Podruchny, Carolyn. “Werewolves and Windigos: Narratives of Cannibal Monsters in French-Canadian Voyageur Oral Tradition.” Ethnohistory  51, no. 4 (2004): 677–700. https://doi.org/10.1215/00141801-51-4-677. Ransom, Amy J. “The Changing Shape of a Shape-Shifter: The French-Canadian ‘Loup-Garou.’” Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 26, no. 2 (93) (January 1, 2015): 251–75.  Smallman, Shawn. Dangerous Spirits: The Windigo in Myth and History. Heritage House Publishing Co, 2015.  Created and recorded by Shawn Smallman Produced and edited by Paige Smallman
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