Assignments and Rubrics

There are several sample assignments here—a book review (with rubric), a PowerPoint assignment to substitute for an exam (with rubric), a Reading and Video Response paper (with rubric), and a Comprehensive Final Critical Reflection Paper (with rubric). Please note that we have adapted many of these rubrics from ones shared with us by colleagues.

If you have time, please consider using the chapter exercises. There are always three at the end of each chapter. All have been pilot-tested. The acronym ARE stands for Analyze, Reflect, and Expand. Students are asked to use or represent data in the A exercises, move inward to look for a personal connection in the R exercises, and link the chapter’s information to broader dimensions in the E exercises. 

Online Class Discussion

On-line Discussion (40% of the final grade; 20% each for the midterm and the final discussion grade): Every Monday I will post a question to the discussion board. The goal of this is to facilitate an academic community that engages in an online conversation. The class will be divided into small discussion groups of five to six students. Every week you will have to respond to my post by Wednesday at 11:59pm (150-200 words), and to another student’s post (100-150 words) by Friday at 11:59pm.

Students will receive a midterm discussion grade for the course after the half-way point in the class, and a grade for the final section of the course after the final week.

Students are expected to demonstrate, at all times, academic integrity and respect for others. Posts that do not meet this standard will not be given any credit, and will impact a student’s overall discussion grade. I will read all discussion posts, and post a weekly summary of the discussion.

Book Review


Reading and Video Response

Final Critical Reflection Paper

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