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"3d Earth In Blue" by chrisroll
“3d Earth In Blue” by chrisroll

One of the challenges when working with internationalization is to learn what resources already exist and where you can look for models. I’ve created a list of key websites that provide links to awards, resources, and white papers. In particular I recommend the outstanding work being done by ACE.

American Council on Education, Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement

 This probably represents the single best, sustained effort to think about internationalization in a comprehensive manner.


Resources on Internationalization

American Council on Education, Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement

If you are only intending to look at one website with resources on internationalization, this is the site to go to. The website documents a wide array of resources and awards. I particularly recommend the link “Making the Case for Internationalization.”


Senator Paul Simon Campus awards for internationalization:

This award is given to no more than five institutions annually which are making –and documenting- major progress with internationalization.


NAFSA blog

This blog addresses issues at the largest organization dedicated to international education. Most of its members work with study abroad, international students, and faculty exchanges.


Introduction to International and Global Studies Blog- the teaching tag

This tag on the blog has resources and links for people teaching an introductory class in International and Global Studies class. A word tag on the right of the screen has other useful tags for faculty, such as rubrics and web resources tags.


AACU’s Leap Project, College Learning for a new Global Century.

This report calls for colleges to rethink Global Education for a new century. As part of this effort, it calls for institutions to emphasize global learning and skills, amongst other changes.


Florida International University, Global Learning

The Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative at FIU is a university-wide co-curricular initiative. The university has created a “GL” or Global Learning designation for these courses. One can see the checklist that they have created for courses to receive this designation here: In addition, the Global Learning Faculty Fellowships pair faculty with undergraduate students to do international research. Although these fellowships represent a small initiative, it’s an interesting model. It’s also worth looking at the “Global Learning Blasts” from their Global Learning Conference, which has some great presentations on Youtube:


UNC Global

UNC serves as a model for comprehensive internationalization, as this website suggests I particularly like their database on faculty’s international expertise.


Virginia Commonwealth, Global Education Office

This website shows how a university can do a great job showcasing their international activities.

Shawn Smallman, Portland State University

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