Movie funding campaign

An outstanding INTL major named Hannah Latimer-Snell is working this fall on a project through IE3 Global Internships and Portland State University.

This is a self-arranged internship because Hannah found a small non-profit film company called Lime Soda Films in Chennai, India that she wanted to work with. She then “pitched” the idea to IE3 so she could receive academic credit. She will be in Chennai for 4 months working on a documentary about workplace harassment against women.

Here is what Hannah shared with me about this project:

“Here is a link to our website where you can find out trailer and more information about our film and how to get involved:

Right now our team is made up of three independent filmmakers from India, Germany and the United States of America. Our project is a small budget film but tackles a large and international issue: workplace harassment. Our goal for the film is to expose the systems that continue to perpetuate gender inequality and create the space for women to share their stories.”

The link for the “Go fund me” campaign is at the bottom of the webpage if you are interested in contributing.

Shawn Smallman, 2017

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