Spring class at Portland State University

Map of Europe

Image above: Map of Europe, National Library of Ireland, Flickr Commons

For those of you who live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’m writing to recommend Dr. Evguenia Davidova’s spring class, “The European Union.” This is a thoughtfully designed face to face class with wonderful readings, as you can see from the book covers below; just looking at the reading list makes me want to join. Please see the details here:

INTL 452: The European Union
Evguenia Davidova
Mon/Wed 8:15 – 10:05
CRN: 65131
The course deals with the history of the European Union and focuses on  dramatic current developments, such as:
  • Brexit
  • The recent migration crisis
  • Catalonia/Catalunya’s bid for independence
  • Greece’s financial crisis
  • Expansion of populist parties in the EU countries
  • The New EU members from the former Eastern Bloc
The readings include essays by British immigrants, a memoir from the former East Germany, and a critical history of the European Union.
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