May 13

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College research award

I am honored to say that I was named the College of Urban and Public Affairs Researcher of the Year for 2019. As part of this award, Portland State University made a brief video about my work with public policy and infectious disease. As with all of the researchers from other colleges, I was given a list of 5 or 6 questions in advance of the video, the first of which was “Tell us a story about how you became involved in research.” We were also told that the final video would be two minutes or less. I was somewhat uncertain about how this would turn out given these time constraints, but at the awards ceremony I was impressed by how inspiring the videos were. I don’t know the name of the student who edited all these videos but they did an amazing job.┬áCongratulations to all the awardees. One last piece of advice to anyone embarking on funded research. You will be turned down more times than you can imagine. As long as you keep applying, it’s not a failure but an edit.

Shawn Smallman, 2019

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