“Well conceived, well executed, and well written, this introduction to the increasingly popular interdisciplinary field of international studies is broad, coherent, and balanced in introducing college-level students to an important and rapidly developing field. The scholarship embedded in this book is sound and amazingly up to date, the topics appropriate and intelligently and engagingly treated. This new textbook should find a large audience in undergraduate courses in the burgeoning field of international and global studies, and it will also offer general readers entrée into a fascinating topic.”
Peter A. Coclanis, Albert R. Newsome Distinguished Professor of History, and director, Global Research Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Smallman and Brown have written an undergraduate textbook about a vast and complex set of issues, dealing with a large number of controversial and polemical issues in a fair and balanced way. This is not an easy accomplishment, and they have pulled it off. The authors have done their homework in producing this excellent new textbook for teaching international studies.”
Gilbert Merkx, director, Center for International Studies, and director, International and Area Studies, Duke University

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