El Motete Marketplace

A PSU grad, Megan Vose, is currently launching a funding campaign to support a new business in Panama. I’m sharing some information that she provided us below, and hope to get the word out about this project:

“As a Portland State Alumni, I studied International Studies with an emphasis on Latin America and Cultural/Social Geography.  Professor Stephen Frenkel, sparked my interest in Commodity Chains and Commodity Agriculture through a class titled “Silver to Cocaine,” and this has continued to be a main focus throughout my education and professional decisions ever since.

I entered a Peace Corps Masters International Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies where I will be graduating in May 2016 with a Masters of International Environmental Policy. I recently returned from serving two years in Peace Corps Panama, which served as a sort of field work for my program, working with rural agricultural communities and trying to improve harvest and develop small agricultural based businesses.  Although the work that we did was impactful, we realized a larger barrier to growth was access to markets.  Along with another former Panama Peace Corps Volunteer, we are attempting to support a change in the food system, by building a for profit retail food market in Panama City.  The market will focus on local, Panamanian produced foods and knowing your producers.  A portion of our profits will be used to help lift up those who don’t currently have access to markets, so they may be able to participate in the economy that exists, and begin to better their economic situations.
Please support our Indie Gogo Campaign.”
My best wishes for Megan and her partner with this project.
Shawn Smallman, 2016