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Instructor’s Manual

Welcome to the online instructor’s manual for Introduction to International and Global Studies. It is organized to provide ancillary material such as sample exams; additional resources, assignments, and activities; and even an extra chapter that explores issues related to world languages. Four rounds of students have worked with various iterations of the textbook and provided consistent feedback on dimensions that needed more elaboration or sections they found to be difficult. Their observations have also been considered in the creation of this manual.

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Introduction to the Teacher’s Manual

Introduction 2014   This teacher’s manual is designed to provide you with rubrics, scaffolding, activities, and other supplemental material to help you with the class. There are also activities, discussion questions and key vocabulary at the end of every chapter. Faculty who are teaching this class likely come from a variety of disciplines. It may …

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A Sample Syllabus for an “Introduction to International and Global Studies”

    Sample Syllabus   This section includes a sample syllabus for a ten-week (quarter) term. This syllabus lends itself to the use of a course management system or course shell that is partially electronic. We recommend posting as much electronically as your institution will allow and as you are comfortable formatting. Recommendations for audiovisual …

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Sample Exam Questions

Sample Exam Questions by Chapter   General Directions for Take-Home Format: This exam is due on Wednesday, February 17 IN CLASS per the policy described on the syllabus. It should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spaced, and if any references other than the textbook are used, you should include a references …

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General Rubrics

General Rubrics   Three rubrics are particularly helpful for work with this class—two from the American Association of Colleges and Universities and one writing rubric designed by Smallman and Brown. The VALUES rubric project was completed in 2010, and full information can be found on the AAC&U website (value@aacu.org ). This project created 16 rubrics …

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Map Work

Map Work   We have chosen to incorporate a variety of maps throughout this textbook. With the maps we try to communicate a number of points, one of which is that maps reflect the perspectives and choices of those who create them. A useful blog post that makes this point can be found at: http://www.upworthy.com/we-have-been-mislead-by-an-erroneous-map-of-the-world-for-500-years …

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General Resources

General Resources   The International Studies Association has an extensive set of Internet resources, including blogs, a peer-reviewed online journal, area studies centers, data archives, and film resources, all available at isanet.org/links/. ISA has recently begun a collaborative project with Wiley-Blackwell termed the Compendium Project, a twelve-volume general reference series available in hard copy and …

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Chapter Resources

Individual Chapter Resources Chapter 1: Introduction General chapter observations: Students have distinguished between a global citizen and a globally minded citizen. This distinction is worth bringing up because of the tension between being a citizen of a country versus a citizen of the world. At this early point in the course, it is appropriate to …

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Recommended Films and Documentaries for International Studies 101

Recommended Films and Documentaries for International Studies 201   Note:   This list of possible films was created by Rosie David, a graduate teaching assistant with “Introduction to International Studies.”   Globalization:   Life and Debt   Fog of War   Why We Fight   The Ugly American   The New Rulers of the World …

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Additional Assignments

Guide for the Book Review.   Students will write a five page book review of one of the two assigned books for the course. paper will be double spaced, with one-inch margins, no font-size larger than thirteen, and no spaces between paragraphs. Your paper should have page numbers. You do not need a bibliography. Although …

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Working with ELL or ESOL learners

Working with ESOL Learners  As students in intensive English programs transition to regular courses, introductory social science courses such as Introduction to International and Global Studies lend themselves to success. Students can frequently draw upon background knowledge from their home countries to bring dynamic contemporary information into the class. This also serves as a way …

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